Greek Myth is Good Inspo for Drawing but Not Like I’ve Drawn Anything Related

He asked me if I wanted to go to Getty Villa with him because he had his Greek myth extra credit here… “It can be a date, too.” Ok. >___> ((jkjk))

Also, my phone memory has been lacking so I couldn’t take as many photos as I’d have liked to.. FeelsBadMan.

Anyways, getting to this place was almost confusing, only because Malibu traffic sucks on a Saturday afternoon and the entrance to this place is near cryptic. It’s okay though. We found it on our first try. AKA me yelling telling him very sternly that the entrance is right there.

We park in a structure and we immediately had to make 3 trips back & forth to the car because the poop forgot some thing in the car.

It was a long way up to where we were supposed to go- 3 extended flights of stairs only to go down the theater steps to the second floor.

The area was very pretty. The exteriors had statues and busts and paintings and plants and !______! But that’s for later (kind of).
The inside was solely on Greek culture and mythology. From jewelry to utensils to busts and statues, they had near everything you could imagine. Well…. realistically speaking.

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There were a lot of smaller rooms with displays like these: vases (which we learned that the different designs have different usages; ie a tall vase can be for oils/water while a larger, wider vase is for storage), cups/utensils, jewelry, pins, etc. I liked the smaller rooms because they were simplistic and had things specifically related to each other.

(Did that paragraph make sense? I’m writing this with a flu so I’m not sure what I’m processing rn.)

Smol child & broken Zeus

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While there were a lot of smaller objects, there were also a large collection of busts and smal/big statues.

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These are the Villa’s collection of Muses (outta 9, they only had 4).


I don’t remember who this was of.. I think Hera. I tried to take a 3-D shot (a really cool effect on the Samsung phones) of the statue but there were hella people out of nowhere and I could hear them judging me, so I just left after a normal shot.

His arms are gone but I can’t help but think that it’s one of those model shots where the model has his arms crossed behind his head (???) and it’s just like.. who u think u is put that thing away or so help me.

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The shit had a Greek myth paper that I spent the whole week and a half helping him with.. ungrateful. It was on Greek myth Heracles v Disney Hercules: was Disney successful in recreating their own version of the tragic myth? (or something along those lines.)

Anyways, when I saw a big section on Heracles, I was more excited than he was. ????????? imig. That being said, I think that Greek myth Herc is an anti-hero & unlucky & a slut; Disney Herc is also annoyingly….. tryhard. :’) I’m mean.


I shit u not, this was his first time in his life doing this activity. He had a lot of fun despite not being able to do this well (or so he says). “How do you get yours to come out so nicely?”

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We finally left after I drew a bunch of non-Greek related stuff (he drew a mini stick self portrait of himself) and went 2 rooms down. They had some rad stone caskets. A lot of the caskets incorporated myth stories and god[esse]s into the carvings of these caskets.

A couple of photos of the place. I should’ve taken more because these two don’t really do the place justice. Oh well ;____;

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Hehe. We were making our way back to the parking structure while looking for a place to take a photo. I saw this bench under a plant canopy.. thing & thought that this would be a nine place to take it. I could hear these two old ladies freaking out over my cat tights so I went up to them and asked if they could take the photos for us.

The first lady declined, politely, and gave the task  to her friend (the main one freaking out) because she was the “photographer of the two.” She was def an “old-school gramma” because she held my phone down and didn’t know if the photos were taking (she ended up taking 36). The first lady had to explain to her that the camera was working and helped her take the photos.

When she gave the phone back, she noticed my phone case and fell in love with it. She had to know where I got it from so I told her it was $2 on Wish. I hope she got one because these cases are super pretty. :’)

Well, we made our way to the car and stopped by this one Sidewalk cafe for food (it was also delicious & I don’t like burgers) before heading home.
He had 1 bar of gas and there was traffic. It was a miracle we made it back.

Womp ~___~


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