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(rip vlog)

First of all, I can’t believe my dad let me hang out with my friends in San Francisco when I was “supposed to be with family.” (So, you know how I mentioned that Michelle had moved to San Jose? Well, over Thanksgiving break, our little group of friends had decided to visit her because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen her. I was already up in SJ because we had our family get-together there this year.)

Ok, anyways. Morning time. I woke up at 7:30am (I know. I’m surprised too) ((wait, just kidding. I pulled an allnighter because I was ranting/looking for job, weird combination)) to get ready. I quickly choose my outfit and run downstairs to the shower and try not to use up all the hot water because Andy was coming over to shower + pick me up.

We got all the way to Michelle’s before realizing I left the camera at home so we went back for it.. PSA: Andy’s driving can get pretty scary sometimes ;____;

The drive to SF took roughly 45 min to an hour, and on top of that, we had to find parking……. It’s aight, we managed to find a parking structure a bit past Fisherman’s Wharf.

no, but the dude in the back // i didn’t even notice him until i got home

So, I was supposed to be their tour guide because I was the only one who’s been to SF so many times. I messed up and we ended up going to some antique arcade place, but it’s okay. It was pretty fun there.

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We didn’t play games but we did those prediction/fortune telling thing for kicks. (they’re pretty cool, imo.) We also did those slideshow things as a joke (you know, the “XXX Films!”); they ended up having twists & we loved them.

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okay, so i asked to do this as a joke bc he have a friend who is probably gay but in denial (there was a “gay” option & i know it probably doesn’t mean gay but happy, but still)….. i’m the one who landed on gay. THE ACTUAL GAY (well, bi.. but you know) ONE OUT OF US DIDN’T LAND ON IT. So yeah, I guess that’s how I kind of came out via joke machine, but no one noticed/or took it /seriously/ so that’s just between you and me (mainly bc i’m still ??? about it)

We walked out after going around the whole place (there was a place in the back for newer arcade games.. Boo.

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We made our way down the street to get to Pier 39 for some sightseeing and noms (food).

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They really liked that Christmas tree. Mainly Michelle… but you know. It’s a giant Christmas tree. There were people taking photos almost every angle around it so we decided not to take one and just find somewhere to eat LOL

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But first, the shops. They were mainly focused on finding souvenirs for the children back in SoCal, albeit ending up not buying anything.

We walked around and they got my “reviews” on a lot of the places and we ended up going to a pricey, but nice, Fisherman’s Market (or something of the sort). They use/sell/catch only sustainable seafood which was interesting.img_9997I got a hamburger with grilled onions and garlic fries. The burger was smol but it was delicious. I don’t even like burgers (wow, shocking) but this was definitely a very good burger. Andy got a salmon burger with this Native American bun; Michelle shared a clam chowder in bread bowl with Fa… HE USED A FORK & KNIFE FOR THE BREAD BOWL LIKE WHAT; Jon got fish & chips with questionable coleslaw. We stopped by this mini donut shop and I bought them a bag of 32. (I don’t know why they didn’t get the 48 one that came with a super cute souvenir bucket… “There’s no way we can eat all that” //proceeds to eat all of it in 10 min//)

On our way to Ghirardelli Square ~

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Womp, another giant Christmas tree. Fyi, we took a lot of photos :’)

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There were more but I deleted a few so there aren’t too many duplicate photos ;____; but we cute man.

We went to a store where they had these “fill your own tin boxes.” There was a 2 for $20 deal so Andy & I split that deal, while Jon got 2 for his big and grand. Our engineer sides came out in that place, “how many fit inside these tins?” 56 mini chocolates. It was a good deal, in my opinion. 56 mini ones for $10; a bag of 24 or so was around $14.

While Andy was paying, we realized that our meter was running out so I ran to the car and got out all the coins I could find. Soon after, Andy also came and dug threw Fa’s car to find his change pouch. We barely had enough for another 45 minutes (we put 45-50 minutes before but spent the majority of it taking photos and fitting chocolate in a tin).

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We left the area and went to the other side of the block to Ghirardelli Cafe. The line was actually decent and we decided what we wanted to eat (Jon’s treat). I got a hazelnut latte that wasn’t as sweet as I thought it’d be ;___; and Jon got this super big sundae thing for all of us to share. It was delicious.

While waiting, Fa & I went to a nearby See’s Candy shop like 2 blocks down so I could get this maple cashew brittle (I recommend if you like sweets) for Brian (HE ATE ALL OF IT WITHOUT SHARING LIKE WOW). We barely made our way back to the rest of the group before they demolished the sundae.

Well, by this point, our meter ran out and we still had one more place to visit: The Palace of the Fine Arts.

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We didn’t even get out of the car before we started spazzing out because it was so pretty here. We all got onto snapchat & started taking videos and photos to save and upload.

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We had the first of our… 4? mini photoshoots at this place. It was cold but the lighting was great. We continued along the path into the actual “palace” part, or so we thought anyway.

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HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO COLD INSIDE THIS PLACE WE JUST WANTED TO TAKE OUR PHOTOS AND GO. There was also this 8 y/o that was taking photos of the ceiling & looked super funny & Andy kept taking photos of the kid.

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We took a few more photos while debating who should go ask the tourists to take photos for us. It took legit 30 minutes because we were all awkward & scared and the people kept coming & going.

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Fa was designated. :’) but he refused… Michelle ended up going because the dude she asked was cute.

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We had to go home now since Michelle had an SJSU VSA Potluck to attend.

<Andy’s driving is very scary pt. 2>
<<it consisted of weaving through traffic + passive aggressively fighting with this douchebag driver + him flipping the dbag driver off whilst cutting him off which then led the driver to hold his horn for a while>>
<<<we were driving Fa’s car>>>

After dropping her off, the guys were hungry so we all chose a place to eat near my house: Cheesecake Factory.

tl;dr i fell asleep while waiting for our food; we got ripped off (or so i’d like to say bc reasons); it was still pretty good tho ngl; they stayed a bit at our place (we were all crammed in 1 small room) until my dad told them to leave :’)

It was great. I miss this day ;____;


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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Really a great post Lydia. Love this! 😀


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