Wk 12? – I’ve honestly lost track – Kidney Saga Pt 1

The cover photo is totally unrelated, btw.

This past week, I’ve been dying because I’ve gotten a kidney infection. Thus, missing my beloved art 110 class.

As make-up work, I was told to create a zine about my kidneys and distress… I tried. And then died, so I only got to making 4 pages.

Will there be more???

Who knows?

Maybe, maybe not.

Probably not, because I’m a lazy shit. But we’ll see. :’)

Here u go:

(Cover page // kidney god’s name is Harold, bc I know a harold & he sux. also, i forgot to draw the freckles, oops)
(Pg. 2 // who knew vomit was colorful…. gross)
kakaotalk_20161113_205528016(Pg. 3 // I’m only partially kidding about the clinics… Some are actually very shady)kakaotalk_20161113_205529445
(Pg. 4 // To be con’t, maybe)

i’m sorry, I was half-conscious when I made these so I apologize for the uber lameness LOL #sorrynotsorry

I’ll hopefully(?) Keep adding onto this since I have maybe 2 other accounts of kidney issues + gotta tell what happened after we found out w/ these results. :’) O boy o.

Until next time.



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