Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alicia Keyworth
Exhibition: Oddments
Media: Fiber, Mixed-Media,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: aliciakeyworth.com
Instagram: aliciakeyworth

About the Artist

This week, I got to meet Alicia Keyworth. She is currently in her last year attempting to obtain a BFA in the fiber arts program. Keyworth is hoping to get credentials to become an art teacher in the near future. Keyworth also expressed concern with growing consumption and waste of material goods. Through her exhibit, she hopes to inspire people to create alternatives to the increased amount of waste produced from such small goods

Formal Analysis

Her pieces in the exhibit are in the forms of clothing and furniture-like works.
1. T-shirt Landfill, created from t-shirts, denim, cotton thread dyed with indigo, and stuffed with discarded clothing.
2. Deconstructed Denim Jeans Shirt, created from denim jeans and cotton thread.
3. Denim Landfill, created from denim jeans, cotton thread with indigo, and stuffed with discarded clothing.
4. Scrap Jumpsuit, created from yarn scraps and thread.
5. Deconstructed T-Shirts shirt, created from cotton t-shirts and cotton thread.
6. Scrap Landfill, created from yarn scraps, denim jeans, cotton thread dyed with indigo, and stuffed with discarded clothing.

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Content Analysis

Keyworth works as a lab technician in the art department and collected the material needed for these pieces from the things that were supposed to be thrown out. The simplicity of her exhibit allows for viewers to not overthink the meaning behind the pieces. The clothing represents the work behind many sweatshops that produces clothing for many top stores; the furniture represent the landfills that create mass pollution.

Synthesis / My Experience

At first, I did not think much about the exhibit. However, after listening to the artist and reading her artist statement, I realized that there was so much more meaning behind these clothing and furniture. Keyworth is genuinely concerned about creating a better environment for the Earth and against many of the work conditions that people are subject to to create clothing for top companies (ie Nike, Forever 21). I thought about how much waste I produce (ie boxes and clothing) and also tried to think of environment-friendly alternatives to these things. I think I’m kind of on the right track- I had an old dresser that we were going to discard and used the drawers to create shelves in my closet. It didn’t take up as much space as the dresser and it looked more… simple and nice, in my opinion.


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