Week 10 – Can I call MIA on myself

First of all, I would like to apologize for being so MIA last week & this week.. I guess. I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated and down for a bit but I’m slowly recovering and getting back up. ;___;

Anyways, nothing new. I was late again to this activity _(:3TL)_ I really need to get my shit together. LOL

I walk in and I was nearly overwhelmed by all the strings and photos all over the place. It was pretty cool to see how many people know each other and all the connections that people had before or created through this class.

kakaotalk_20161030_154518470haha, it me!!!!

This was the photo I chose to use for this; I didn’t know if there was any specifications on what photo to use but I mean, I just chose whatever decent photo I had in the end. (story time: I was late in dropping Brian off to class in the morning because I forgot that my dad had taken apart my printer when we were moving rooms. So, I had to set it up and reconnect it to my computer. It took forever because the printer wouldn’t recognize the ink cartridges, so I was just standing there over my printer, pep-talking it, taking out & reinserting the cartridges for a while.. at least it worked in the end..)

The first thing I said was “I don’t know anyone in this class, though.” It’s not completely false, but I guess it wasn’t completely true, either. I scanned the wall and jogged my memory trying to remember all the people I met and the people I had classmate conversations with.

I ended up with five connections. (Now that I think about it, I probably could’ve added one or two more people to my photo card.) One being from previous acquaintanceship and four from classmate conversations (one of them didn’t show up, I think. I could’ve had 6, man. y u no show up???)

As anti-social as I am, seeing people with a lot of strings (7-10+) made me feel pretty sad and almost jealous. But, there isn’t much I can do about that now. (just kidding, I know I should probably go and meet people).

Sorry I had to leave early, too. ;__; But yes, this activity was a pretty chill one and also an interesting one.


Here’s my self-drawn social network. It is very small, and I hope to expand it.. ;A; The double lines are for those I am close with; the dashed lines means that they have met once but that’s about it.

  1. I think that “social networking” should apply to any social relationship you have with someone, whether it’s for work or family or even that cute girl you met at a party and added on Facebook. In my life, I think it also goes both ways- physical and online relationships, since most of them go with each other (talking to people online, hanging out with them irl).
  2. I remember reading about Dunbar’s number in Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point over the summer. It does make sense that there is a sort of limit on the amount of meaningful relationships one can have. In my opinion, many people will probably argue with this, but once they actually sit down and think about all the true relationships they have, they will see that maybe they aren’t that close with as many people as they think (those who are are outliers >:o )
  3. Having friends on Facebook? I guess it shows how social one is. I mean, comparing myself to Brian (dumb frat boy >__>), he has way more Facebook friends than I do, many being from his fraternity. To me, a lot of the people I add are people I met, were friends with, or people with at least 25+ mutual friends (if I don’t know them). With most of them, I would probably be able to tell someone how I met them or how I know them (I wouldn’t say meaningful relationships, or if I did, maybe expired ones).
  4. Looking at the fiber art activity and my own social network tree, it didn’t really surprise me that it was such a small network. While thinking about it, I guess that my circle of people did grow and the number of people I’ve met also increased.
  5. Okay, thinking about my “personal number” actually surprised me. From what I can think of at the moment, I have maybe over 20 people I have “meaningful” relationships with. You know the saying, “quality over quantity.” While I think it’s good to be social, having so many personal numbers actually makes me cringe a little for some reason.
  6. I do have more friends on Facebook than any other platform (I’m guessing this would mean things like Instagram, Tumblr, etc?). My relationship to “extra friends” are the typical acquaintances, person I met before, person I went to high school with, cute boy in my kin class, et cetera. LOL. Some of these “weak ties” have brought me opportunities like volunteering for conventions, jobs, social events, and being able to simply expand and get closer to other people.

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