Wk 6 – Artist Conversation –

Exhibition Information

Artist: Blaine Scot Prow
Exhibition: Extrusion
Media: Paper, Bristol Board, Mixed-Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: N/A
Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist

This week, I got the chance to meet Blaine Scot Prow. He is attending his tenth year of university, recently having completed his undergrad studies. He is currently a graduate student in the School of Art’s studio art program, trying to get into the graphic design program. He was initially a mechanical engineering major, switched to civil engineering, and eventually settled for the arts. In this exhibit, Prow displays his love for geometry and the “construction, interaction, and relationship between shapes.”

Formal Analysis

This exhibit focused on the simplicity and beauty of the relationship between two and three-dimensional shapes. The exhibit had six works: “This That,” “Up Down,” “C.O.,” “Triangle Square,” “Square Pentagon,” and “Factory.”

“This That” is a piece with two points: a black heptagonal shape and a polyhedron cut out.
“Up Down” is an angled multi-sided polygon with a straight-angled (?) cut out.
“C.O.” is a piece that looks like a figure “6.” The black shape is in a “C” figure while the white cut out is a squarish figure.
“Triangle Square” is a piece that is literally in the name- a black square and a triangular prism cut out.
“Square Pentagon” is also another piece which is literally in the name- a black pentagon with a square pyramid cut out.
“Factory” is a work with 12 identical parts. It contains black cross-shaped “shadows” with a cube representing the factories.

Content Analysis

This exhibit was purely founded on trial-and-error. Prow would get an idea for a certain shape and then work it out the outline and shapes, using basic geometry to help figure out measurements. He explores his love for shapes and geometry in this project whilst creating simplistic, yet interesting pieces of work. Prow also experiments the limits of creating such geometrical works and how far he can get with making outlines of different shapes and what they will come together to form.kakaotalk_20161001_204519532

Synthesis / My Experience

When I stepped into this exhibit, I knew that I wanted to get to know more about it. Although I hated the subject, I have always loved shapes and creating things using geometrical shapes (tangrams are a big one). When I found out that a lot of these were created on a whim or accidentally, it amazed me because it reinforced the idea the “eureka!” idea that I had learned so many years ago.  I enjoyed the simplicity of this exhibit and sadly wished there were more pieces to look at.


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