Wk 5 – tybg it didn’t smell like weed

It feels like it’s been forever since the last project… But then I remembered we did the automatic drawing last week…. I’m an idiot.

Anyways, this week, this class took us to the great land of Venice Beach. It was a struggle because my original ride got last minute plans and the boy was busy at a sorority party. I felt bad asking him because he got home around 4am (smh) and had to wake up at 10am for me.

The ride there was scary because he was falling asleep and there was also hella traffic. However, we made it… Barely (I suck at navigating and missed like every other turn). I [begrudgingly] paid $15 for parking and we began our walk to the art walls.

It took us 40 minutes to find the art walls because we initially began walking the wrong way, turned around, and walked past it. When I realized that we may have passed it, I stopped walking, took a deep breath, and let out a small yell. We slowly made our way to the art walls (Prof, I thank you for having bright hair & your signature hat).

When we got there, I was amazed by some of the previous work done by other artists.

First I grabbed some iced tea (it was good, imo). Then, I looked for a spot and took out my two cans (grey and purple) and got ready to paint. I had watched the video tutorials on the post and had some information on what to do. I looked through the cap sheet to see the different spray sizes and chose whichever one seemed the most convenient.IMG_9824.JPG

I had done some drafts the night before on how I should do my name. Scratch all that. LOL. I did what I knew what to do (which was totally what not to do for the project, according to the post), which were block letters with shadows. (g____g) Grey for the inside letters (because I watched the tutorial and they said something along the lines of wanting the lighter color to be the filler color) and purple for the shadows (and it makes sense that the darker color would be the shadow.. right????)

It still looked so plain, so I asked the girl next to me if I could borrow her pink paint and she gladly said sure. So I grabbed the pink and had no idea what to do. I remembered the video mentioning outlines; the dude took the inner color and made a border out of his work. I couldn’t really make an outline with grey since, you know, that’d be pointless. So, I took the pink and made a loose border around my name.

It still looked so plain. “What’s missing?” I looked to the boy and asked, but he was pretty much no help.

I looked at the people next to us and saw they had some paint dripping, so I thought, why not just use the rest of the pink and do that?

There seemed to be more life added to it, but it still didn’t look good to me. But oh well. I tried.IMG_9829.JPGIf anything, I think it came out decently for the colors I got and for the first time spray painting.

(and for the boy’s tired mood)

((never in a post had I seen my name so many times))


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