Wk 5 – gimme liberty or gimme the zines

(jk, i’d still like my liberty. but i’d also like zines, too)

I loved this bookstore, but unlike what I’d thought it be like.. the prices were too expensive. My wallet cried out at me, saying, “don’t you dare buy any books. don’t do it, u boob.” Yeah, my wallet actually said that to me.

I actually had no idea where the zines were located so I ended up walking around the bookstore for a good 15 minutes.IMG_9835.JPGI found this beauty, though. I don’t think it liked me, though. It ran off the moment I wasn’t looking. ;____; (love me pls)

I walked to the front and found the prof and two other students talking.¬†Oh, so this is where the zines were… Right in the front. I kind of stood behind them because the three of them were standing in a line in front of the zine shelves and I didn’t want to interrupt.

The other two left and I finally got to look at the zines.

I got in trouble taking these photos, btw. I would have gotten this, but it was expensive ($20, iirc). So I settled for smaller ones.

2 $0.50 cards, 2 $2 potato zines, and 1 $5 book with short writings (rather than drawings). I got the cards and one potato book for my best (and one of my only) friends who is suddenly moving to San Jose on Thursday. (SHE TOLD ME ON FRIDAY NIGHT LIKE GIRL WHY)

Overall, it was a fun experience, the cat was gorgeous, and I wish the books were cheaper, but what can you do?

The zines were nice to be introduced to; some were very dark, some were cute (like the potato one), some were okay.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to make something of this quality, but it’s all a learning experience. :>


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