Wk 4 – Don’t think

It’s been too long, how do you write these again…

At first, I had tried to actually plan what to draw. I was busy brainstorming and overthinking what I should do, even discussing with my sister on what to draw. But as we actually started this, all previous plans went null.


“Make it look pretty!” my sister told me as I took this photo. (sigh) Anyways, we had moved at least three times trying to figure out where to draw when we finally settled for the floor.

“What color should we start off with?”

“Yellow, in case we mess up,” I had replied.

But, as anyone who’s done this project knows, there is really no such thing as “messing up” on this. It’s an “automatic” drawing. You just let your body move. We listened to my sister’s playlist (Korean rap, pls help me) while working on this.img_9797

After a good two minutes, this is what we came up with.

“Well, it looks like a balding nest,” my sister commented.


I looked through my old sketchbook to see if I can add anything to this sadness, and found an old drawing from 2-3 years ago that looked similar to this. Well.. Kind of.

I finished drawing the outline of it in yellow- a girl… with no clothes on.. in middle of nowhere…. don’t judge.

Here I went over in green. I chose to do green instead of black because I didn’t want a /hard/ color to be the main (?) point of the drawing.

I.. I added trees because it looked too plain. But then, it still looked plain after the trees.

“Stop. Don’t add anything,” my sister told me. I looked at the drawing, looked at her, looked at the drawing, looked at our dog (who looked like he was judging me), and put the pastel down.IMG_9813.JPGOverall, it ended up okay, in my opinion. I feel like it could’ve come out better, but it is what it is. (The feet look so weird, wait.)

“She looks too happy,” “do she got da booty? she dooooo,” are the phrases my sister had said during this photo.

I also didn’t know if I was allowed to use other colors/media so I didn’t. . . also, my sister told me that my dad was criticizing my drawing.

(darn u dad with ur op artist genes)

! Disclaimer: I actually worked on the posts today with a hellish stomach flu so I apologize for bad quality posts/work ;_____; !


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