Wk 2- Classmate Convo- Noe Sandoval & Zack Ngov

This week, I wasn’t as awkward in asking someone to be my partner for the classmate conversation. (Or, I’d like to say… I was pretty awkward.) The question was “is art important? In today’s society?” (or something along those lines… Please bear with me.)

Anyways, first up, is 2nd year Zack Ngov (the one in the hoodie). He gave a very- and I mean, very– brief answer.

“Cartoons.” Like, what the f– I’m just going to say, it is important [to him] for entertainment reasons. (Side note, Brian was so stern that his name was Matt because they went to the same high school.. But he’s wrong!)

On the other hand, 2nd year mechanical engineering major (wow) Noe Sandoval (the less cool one with glasses) gave a lengthier answer. (I say lengthier because it was more than 1 word.)

It was similar to mine (I’d like to say I inspired his answer but that’s probably wrong and besides the point). He mentions art in advertisements for the visual experiences. He also mentions art as a medium for propaganda and satire in today’s society, using Kaepernick cartoons as an example. To sum it up, he says that people can put a “huge idea into one art piece.”


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