Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Amy Pham & Juli Yoshinaga

(I’m the one in the middle.)

I somehow ended up in a trio instead of finding a partner (darn, my social awkwardness). Anyways, I talked with Amy Pham (the other one with glasses) and Juli Yoshinaga (the only one without glasses. Boo! Just kidding).

The question of the week was “who is your favorite artist and why?” While I answered with an /actual/ artist (Shilin Huang aka Okolnir, pls check her out), they answered with music artists.

Amy, a second year studying health science, answered Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. She chose Mozart because she finds his compositions soothing and she, herself, is a classical violinist. She also enjoys learning and playing his pieces because they are challenging, and likes playing classical pieces, overall.

Juli, a third year majoring in communication studies with a minor in journalism, chose Drake as her favorite artists. When asked why, she replied that it is because RnB plus hip-hop are her favorite genres. Moreover, Drake has a soothing voice and nice beats/rhythms.


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